Honest & Detailed Psychic Readings

Relationships and life can be difficult to navigate and understand. Unknown company is a natural born psychic providing clarity and insight into situations, people, and paths that make their way into your life. If you have a particular question or are unclear about life, you'll find a reading or session with Coraline incredibly freeing, informative, and fulfilling.

Readings provide you with clarity and closure, allowing you to plan your path, move forward, or move on. Personal and general readings and sessions are available.

Provides an in-depth view of your personality and awareness about your soul's evolution.

Medium Readings

Allows you connect and have closure with loved ones and friends that have passed on.


Using numbers to assess patterns, insights to your life and your purpose are discovered.

Past Life Regressions

You are taken back through your past existences to help you understand your present.

Psychic Readings

Meant to provide you with insight into your current life, path, and the people involved.

Astrological Readings


Spiritual Healing

Meant to balance your energy levels, you'll be in a better emotional and physical state.

Two Psychic Chicks