Christa Lynn

 I have been doing Psychic Readings  for over 30 years, I have met beautiful people along the way whom I have helped with their journey though Readings and Phone Readings all over the United States,

I have been on National radio and television. I write a Newsletter and have been featured in the Macomb Daily Newspaper, I do Psychic Parties, Festivals & Fairs. I am Very Proud to say I have worked for Michigan Psychic Fairs for over 15 Years and I also do Phone readings for Bob Olsen?s Best Psychic Directory.

586 939 4230

  I thought massage was going to be my main avenue, until the physicality of it caught up with me. Left with the unknown again, I asked for help from my guides and God. See I can be a little impatient and was upset with having to find another avenue financially. Well, it is true, when one door closes, another door opens. I decided it was time to have a reading for myself. It was there that I was asked - "Why aren't you doing readings?" I had questioned it, doubted it, but there it was, in my face - Go and do this!!

Well, you never know what the Divine will bring. As long as you are open to it. This story is just part of who I am. The point, never give up. Sometimes, you never know where your passion in life may be.

That is also where I matter to you, let me help you to discover your gifts, your passions. What amazing life are you seeking or even denying yourself? What signs are you missing? Let me assist you in getting unstuck and moving forward. It is never too late. I am proof of that.